Classically-Rendered Site

This demo project demonstrates an Airship project that uses only vanilla Airship CMS classic rendering to render all pages.


  • Airship CMS: a web development & deployment platform.
  • Bulma: a modern CSS framework.

Project Setup

1. Provision a Site in the Airship Developer Portal

Provision a new site in the Airship Developer Portal.

2. Set up the Site Schema in your Site Admin Portal

Follow the steps to re-create a Site Schema that matches this demo project.

3. Install Airship Launcher CLI Tools

If you don't yet have the Airship Launcher command line tools, install the Mac & Linux or Windows toolset.

4. login to Airship CMS in your Terminal

In your terminal, navigate to the root of your directory and run the following (be sure to replace "mysite" with your actual site subdomain):

airship login mysite

or more verbosely:

airship login

5. Land the initial Templates

In your terminal, run the following:

airship land

This will download the initial project templates and directories.

6. Run the Airship Server & View the Local Site

In the root of your directory, run the following to start the Airship Server in your local project directory.

airship serve

Open a web browser and navigate to localhost:9001 to view your local site.

7. Complete the Styling Setup & Airship Templating Tutorial

Follow the instructions for setting up Styling & Airship for this project. (If you don't want to follow the instructions step-by-step, you can also copy the relevant files from the demo repo to your site directory).

8. Launch your Site

In the root of your directory, run:

airship launch

Enter y when prompted. In seconds, your demo site will be published!